Mercury Adjustments, LLC. is a public insurance adjuster located in Shoemakersville, Berks County, PA. We have many years of varied industry experience to benefit you; 7 years in insurance related industries, and over 30 years in the construction related industries. Although Mercury Adjustments is a newly established company providing assistance and education to residential and commercial real and personal property insurance claimants, we’ve been very successful in ADDING VALUE to the property insurance claims process through thorough investigation, experience and proper monetary evaluation of losses. We believe that no insurance claimant, large or small, should have to go the process alone.

With experience on both sides of insurance, we are better equipped to help you with your claim.  The insurance companies promise to help you when you need them, but it’s just as important to them to minimize their losses as it is to keep their customers happy.   Sometime though the pendulum swings too far to their side and you are left not only “cleaning up” the mess but doing so with less than you expected and paid for!

Mercury Adjustments has a great deal of experience not only in helping you recover from property and commercial loss and/or devastation, but can stand in for you, negotiating with your insurance company for the maximum compensation. And because we know that disaster and loss can happen at anytime, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for you.

Reach out to us and let us work for you.

Our clients love us thanks to our dedication.
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reasons to choose

 Pennsylvania Know How

We know the local and national insurance companies well, including the laws they must follow.

experienced staff

Our public adjusters and staff can help you at all levels of your claim.

 Always Available

Contact us 24/7 to discuss your issue with your insurance company.

 No Obligation

Whether you have a quick question or are ready to take on the insurance giants, we keep all your information confidential and don’t charge anything until you get your rightful settlement.