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Within this page and on this site you can find vital information you need to know about making a property insurance claim, what expectations you should have about how your carrier and adjuster ought to be acting, and finally what a great public adjuster might be able to do for you.

If you haven’t yet made a claim, but had a loss and want to discuss with an experienced insurance professional whether making the claim is a good idea – Please feel free to call us for a review of the facts of the loss and a completely obligation-free consultation.  You will NOT be “SOLD” on using our services.  We’d rather have you make an intelligent decision to file a claim on your own and know where you can get good information to assist you than pull that hard sell stuff that over-aggressive “salespeople” pull.  It turns people off (me included).

If you had made a claim already and you’re now feeling like your carrier and/or claims adjuster are a little off, or it doesn’t seem like they understand the complexity of the loss, or they just don’t seem to be listening to you, or you didn’t know you would need to manage the entire process, then maybe you want to contact us and discuss it – again completely obligation-free.

Getting even little warning signs that you won’t be fully indemnified for your loss is the RIGHT time to CALL. Your adjuster could be telling you the absolute truth of the matter, or maybe not. If you want someone to contact you, usually within hours, please fill in this simple CONTACT FORM.

If you’re thinking about Hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster to work for YOU, why hire US?


We make every effort to perform a more thorough investigation of the claim.  Don’t discount this…you’d be surprised how many adjusters and contractors out there don’t really understand what “damaged” means, let alone where it exists, and then its yet another matter concerning what is a proper value of that damage.  This is almost NEVER a contractor repair estimate.


We make sure to have a deeper understanding of the available coverages and their application.  Here’s another one you might find surprising…we can’t count the number of times that adjusters have told our clients that something wasn’t covered but in the end, coverage was extended for the loss. Sometimes carriers and their adjusters get it right, but not always. Always get a second opinion, ALWAYS!



When they tell you you don’t need a PUBLIC ADJUSTER … RUN to the phone, call us.  This one is a joke around our office.  Many of our clients delayed so long to call us because the carrier kept saying, even insisting, that the insured should not call a Public adjuster.  When things start to get a little off is the time to call before even we struggle to sort out a mess.  Oh, we ended up helping our client, but it is far more difficult and expensive to fix mistakes than prevent them.


When they tell you to just get a couple of contractor’s estimates…STOP and call us.  This offer is not borne out of the carrier’s or adjuster’s attempt at fairness and reasonableness.  Innocent or not, this offer is an effort to mitigate damages and not to fully indemnify you.  We believe they not only know that contractors don’t understand coverage to which you are entitled, they count on it.  The carrier owes you for what you HAD, not how its going to go back.  This issue is important and somewhat complex, so CALL USAlso, we’ve found that some contractors throw stuff away or further damage things before an appropriate inventory is taken. DON”T LET THIS HAPPEN.


When they tell you that we have a “guy”… STOP and call us.  When you’ve had a claim, it is traumatic.  You’re looking for people to trust and its almost always among people you don’t really know.  First, please know you have the RIGHT to consult with your attorney or a PUBLIC ADJUSTER.  Second, please know that you have absolutely NO OBLIGATION to use anyone that the carrier introduces to you.  In fact, we suggest you don’t until they are well researched.  The carrier will says things like “we’ve worked with them before”, “they have many satisfied customers”, “they’re a preferred vendor” or all sorts of similar things.  Some adjusters might even “insist”.  Please know that once you sign on with that preferred vendor, he will be treated as “your contractor” and NOT the carrier’s responsibility.


There are landmines that blow-up good claims in the face of good people, just because they say the wrong thing, the wrong way, at the wrong time, to the wrong person.  It may be only 1 in 10 claims, but it is sometimes impossible to recoup the tens-of-thousands of dollars claimants lose through their innocent mistakes.  Again, it is FAR more difficult and expensive to fix mistakes than prevent them, so CALL US.


Contents Claims are so simple, yet so many mistakes are made on them so often.  The mistakes are by both parties.  Claimants over-estimate sentimental items and often don’t understand the obligations of “REPLACEMENT COST” insurance coverages.  Carriers (or their adjusters) often misidentify items subsequently under-estimating their value.  Claimants often don’t realize they have to “PROVE their claim” and provide an inventory. This is a VERY TIME CONSUMING TASK.The carrier owes you for what you HAD, not what you’re replacing it with.  This issue is important and somewhat complex, so CALL US.


Most Public Adjusting Firms and Public Adjusters are not as prepared to “add value to the claims process” as we are.  Before engaging any expert, ask for their related industry certifications. Whereas the State only provides licenses, we are members of two nationally recognized Public Adjusting Associations, a National Wind Storm Association and are IICRC certified mitigation specialists.  Often times we are more credentialed than the mitigation company personnel and whereas your carrier adjuster doesn’t need a license or continuing education credit, we are required by law to have both.  Due to these requirements and our own standards we are better able to understand complex fire, smoke, wind, water, theft and vandalism claims.


Before engaging any expert, ask about their results!  We understand claims to such a deep degree that we ROUTINELY see payments from the carrier HIGHER than you would ever get on your own.  Sometimes this ends up being 500% to 1700% higher than what our clients got on their own.  (1700% is our record when previous payments have been made).  Now sometimes claim differences will vary by only 20%, but if we charged you 10%, then you are much better off “with us” than “without us”.

If you want these results, attention to detail and skill working in your corner, CALL US.

If you’re looking for a central place for great information about insurance in general and property claims specifically, then click HERE to a page that links to a nationally recognized policyholder advocacy group.

We believe we are uniquely able to assist insureds and our commitment is that we WILL “add value to the claims process”

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