Private Claim Adjuster Services We offer to Businesses and Homeowners

NEW CLAIM: Have not yet, but are deciding to file a claim

If you have you had an insurance loss in the last year and have not yet filed an insurance claim then please give us a call for a free consultation. We’ll discuss the claim with you, and whether it makes sense to use our services. Many times we are able to assist claimants right over the phone, however based on complexity, we may also decide it’s best to come to the property and do an inspection of the loss, which is also free.

You have obligations under your policy. The earlier you contact Mercury Adjustments, LLC the more likely we can assist in ensuring that you will meet all of those your obligations. Among other things, a homeowner or business policyholder has the duty to mitigate property damage and prepare a scope of loss & estimate of damages.

What are some of the mistakes homeowners and businesses make when reporting claims themselves:

  • They don’t understand the cause of the loss, so it gets misreported and denied.
  • They fail to recognize the total scope of the loss, and get underpaid.
  • They don’t document the loss properly and get underpaid.
  • They rely on contractors who are unskilled in insurance documentation, leading to underpayment or denial.
  • They fail to understand their obligations under the insurance policy, leading to a denial.

PENDING CLAIM: Reviewing the carrier’s estimate

Mercury Adjustments, LLC can assist and advise you at any point during the claim process. We work directly with your insurance company and its representatives to make sure they give your claim the attention it deserves. As experts, we advocate on your behalf to assure you are properly indemnified for your loss.

Even if you have received an offer from your carrier, we can quickly analyze their estimate and provide a recommendation on the chances you could be wildly successful by hiring us. Usually we find many items that were not originally included in the carrier’s estimate. For whatever reasons adjusters sometimes overlook certain areas of potential damage that can inadvertently reduce an insurance claim. We provide an extremely thorough investigation to uncover those areas and seek proper payment for your loss.

Below is a list of items that we have found are frequently unpaid or underpaid in estimates:

  • Overhead and Profit
  • Content manipulation
  • Access difficulties
  • Emergency Services

The proper understanding of the nature and extent of the loss and subsequent development of an estimate often yields thousands, sometime even tens of thousands of dollars more than their estimate or even your contractor’s estimate. Our services are free until you are paid by your insurance company.

Private Claim Adjuster Can REOPEN CLAIMS that have been settled

Even though your claim may have been settled, you may still be entitled to additional benefits. For the same reasons found above under the “PENDING” insurance companies sometimes fail to properly value your loss which reduces your settlement. At no cost to you Mercury Adjustments, LLC can review the settlement and report back to you with recommendations.

We have been wildly successful handling claims carriers considered “closed” that returned significant additional benefits owed to you. However there is a time limit to re-open claims which varies state-by-state.

Please contact us for a Free Consultation and review even if you think you might not have been proper paid for your loss. We only are compensated

Denied Claims: Insurance claims have been denied

A denied insurance claim is sometimes not the last word on the subject. However there are time limits to have a denial reviewed by the carrier.

Mercury Adjustments, LLC can evaluate your file to determine if the denial you received was proper. In cases where denials issued by the insurance company was in error it was usually based on misunderstandings of the cause of loss or policy language.

Sometimes these matters require the involvement of attorneys with expertise in property claims to get resolved, but sometimes providing additional documentation to that carrier will result on a proper extension of coverage. We routinely assist insured in securing benefits they were entitled to under their policy.

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