Additional Living Expenses or ALE is often the most misunderstood portion of your homeowner’s policy benefits.   In short, its intent is to reimburse for any and all expenses incurred (incurred means “to cause yourself to have or experience”, so you should have a receipt or documentation to prove it) due to a covered loss.

From one of our favorite policyholder advocacy sites they provide the following examples of what might qualify under an ALE coverage part:

  • Rent for temporary housingunited policy holders public adjuster
  • Insurance policy taken out on contents in temporary rental house
  • Credit check fee charged by management company when renting temporary house
  • Cellular phone overtime charges incurred due to the loss of landline telephone
  • Mileage to/from a temporary rental house to/from all locations visited for rebuild-related business, including:
    • Furniture stores
    • Fund control
    • Flooring, granite, fixtures, and all other construction materials you need to research and choose
    • Appliances
  • Mileage for increased distance traveled from temporary rental home to:
    • Place of employment
    • Adult and children’s activities (school/sports/clubs/lessons)
    • Your house of worship
  • Meals eaten when out on rebuild-related business, (e.g., visiting construction site, shopping for replacement personal property items, researching/purchasing rebuild items such as appliances, flooring, fixtures)
  • IT fee charged to set-up new computer system at temporary rental home
  • Sewer fee at temporary rental property if you did not have sewer fee at damaged/destroyed home, (e.g., damaged/destroyed home used a septic system)
  • New account or “setup” fees for utilities at temporary rental home
  • Photocopies and mailing expenses related to claim
  • Cost of fencing to secure damaged/destroyed house and/or pool
  • Cost of repairing/refurbishing jewelry and other personal items recovered at damaged/destroyed home
  • Moving costs incurred to move from the temporary rental home back into the repaired/rebuilt home (moving company; moving van; moving boxes; packing paper and tape)
  • Reconnection fees for setting up services (cable/telephone/utility) at the rebuilt home
  • Carpet cleaning when moving out of rental home (if temporary lease agreement requires this upon move out).
  • Pet boarding cost
  • Increased veterinary bill for pets, due to illness/symptoms resulting from the loss event

The entire site can be reviewed at the following link:

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