“You’ll settle for less, close the claim, rebuild for less, and the insurance company knows this”
– Quality Claims Management

Contact us and we’ll make sure you get the BEST POSSIBLE SETTLEMENT with no out of pocket cost to you.


Mercury Adjustments is a CERTIFIED AFFILIATE OF THE UNITED STATES PUBLIC ADJUSTERS and a professional  firm with licensed, bonded, trained and knowledgeable insurance adjusters who provide CRUCIAL services to aid homeowners, tenant and commercial insurance policyholders in their time of need including assisting in claims for fire and smoke destruction, theft, vandalism, flood damage, water remediation, and wind, hail and storm catastrophes.

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Should I hire a Public Adjuster?

We’ve worked for insurance companies, so we’re familiar with the occasional corner-cutting and misunderstanding of the complexity of the claim. Take a few moments to see just how.

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A licensed Public Adjuster with over 30 years combined experience in industry related fields, we are very successful in adding value to the claims process. This translates to more appropriate settlements due to a more thorough understanding of damages to your home. We believe that no insurance claimant, large or small, should have to go the process alone.

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Who We Are

Mercury Adjustments, LLC are licensed private insurance adjusters for personal and commercial insurance policyholders capable of assisting in all risks including theft, fire and smoke destruction, vandalism, flood and water devastation, and wind and storm catastrophe.



Public Adjuster services for homes, apartments, condos, duplexes, and all residences.


From small store fronts to office buildings, we help with claims of all sizes.


Whether at the warehouse, storage yard, or other, we will assist in your insurance claim.

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Knowledgeable, experienced and capable of “adding value to the Claims Process”

Clients Helped

Residential 184 clients
Commercial 124 clients
Industrial 73 clients

Claims Underpaid by Insurance Providers

$$$ Earned w/ Public Adjuster

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